The trip was fabulous!

My favorite parts of the trip were the train rides in Switzerland. The Alps were so beautiful, it was surreal, while A. really enjoyed the culture and charm of Venice.We are very pleased with the travel arrangements.

Thank you for efforts in making this a memorable and pleasurable vacation!

- J. -



Switzerland (Swiss German: Schwiiz; German: Schweiz; French: Suisse; Italian: Svizzera; Romansh: Svizra) is a federal parliamentary republic in Western and Central Europe, with Bern the capital. Other important cities are Zurich and Geneva. A unique feature are the four official languages of the comparably tiny country, not to mention the countless local dialects. Bordered by Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein, Switzerland is covering an area of 15,940 square miles, most of it being mountains. The Swiss population is approximately 8 million. The Swiss climate is generally temperate, but can vary greatly between the localities, from glacial conditions on the mountaintops to the often pleasant, near-Mediterranean climate in Switzerland's Italian part. Chocolate and cheese aside – they really are outstanding, though -, enjoy the spectacular and diverse views of Switzerland, whether cosmopolitan cities, crystal clear lakes or remote mountain valleys. And whether you do that hiking, biking, riding trains or driving a car, the great infrastructure will make it all into a most pleasant journey.

“This was a very complex custom trip that we created for a couple that wanted broad exposure to several European countries on the same summer vacation trip. Switzerland was the high point of their trip (quite literally) though they started in Italy and ended the trip in Luxembourg.”

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Departure Day

Start your trip off right with a day in Rome.