Thanks for making the effort to follow up with us, we’ve just been so busy since our re-entry into the “real world” that it’s been hard to find a few minutes. I never knew a country could be so beautiful, and a people so friendly. Everything you told us about Portugal was true and we’d like to go back some day.

Thanks again for your planning and expertise.
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Portugal (Portuguese: Portugal) is a semi-presidential republic in South-Western Europe, on the Iberian Peninsula, and it is the westernmost country of mainland Europe, being bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and Spain. Aside from continental Portugal, the Portuguese Republic holds sovereignty over the Atlantic archipelagos of Azores and Madeira. Portugal covers an area of 35,603 square miles, with a population of about 10.5 million. Lisbon is its capital and largest city. Portugal is defined as a Mediterranean climate, but has a Semi-arid or Steppe climate in the interior. It is one of the warmest European countries. The Algarve region in the very south has a similar climate to Southern California. Only the beautiful old cities bear witness to Portugal once being the biggest colonial power in the world. You’ll find them right next to lovely little fishing villages, where fishermen still conquer the Atlantic Ocean in small, colorful wooden fishing boats, or wide pastoral landscapes, where sheep and cattle graze under cork oaks. A delight to travel in, Portugal is another one of those gems you’ll visit once and come back for more.

Portugal is not among the top 5 destinations for Americans traveling to Europe, and this always mystifies us a bit, as this ancient Iberian Peninsula country has some of the most beautiful coastlines, landscapes and cities of any country in the world. And it can be much more affordable than some of its close neighbors.

This 10 night driving tour hit most of the “must see” destinations in Portugal, and was a visually stunning experience from start to finish.

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Departure Day

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