We really appreciated your help.  The accommodations were awesome, we had great weather and my family can truly say it was the best trip of our life!
- J. -


France ((French: République française) is a semi-presidential republic in Western Europe that includes overseas regions and territories. European France extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean and shares borders with Spain, Andorra, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium. France is the third-largest, and with 66 million people, the third-most populous European country with Paris the nation's largest city and state and cultural capital. European France covers about 213,000 square miles, with different climate zones.

Without even mentioning the superb food and wine, France has something for everybody. In no other European country one will find such a variety of different landscapes, flora and architectural styles. It’s practically impossible to not enjoy France!

France is a country that needs to be visited many times to even scratch the surface of all she has to offer to travelers. This family trip encompassed four unique and quite different regions in France, including of course Paris, the City of Light.

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Departure Day

Packed up and ready to go? Hop on the red-eye, close your eyes and let your imagination tickle your dreams as you spend the night over the Atlantic Ocean.